The island of Arts and culture. Syros is an island of the Aegean, has a completely different character from the other Cycladic islands thanks to excellent neoclassical architecture. It owes its particularity to the 19th century. It became one of the most important ports in the eastern Mediterranean. Syros is the capital of the Cyclades with its capital the beautiful Ermoupolis. It is a center of culture and arts. In the 17th century referred to as the island of the Pope: “L’isola del Papa”, because of the Catholic doctrine of the residents. Experience Neorio, the shipyard is operating since 1861 is one of the oldest mechanical workshops in Greece. The Tarsanas of Syros is an important historical place in the south of Syros here kept about 200 years, the traditional art of wooden shipbuilding.
Explore and enjoy cultural events. Apollon Theatre is located in Ermoupolis and is one of the most famous theaters in Greece. Archaeological Museum of Syros, Industrial Museum – Technical Culture Centre, Syros History Archive, Museum of Replicas of Cycladic Art, Folk Museum of Syros, Exhibition of Traditional Trades & Historical Archive of the Municipality of Ano Syros, Museum Mark Vamvakaris.
Exhibition halls: On the island there are three major exhibition halls that host and organize major artistic events. This is the sophisticated art gallery “Ermoupoli”, the exhibition hall “Cyclades Gallery” and the Hall “Em. Roidis “.
Enjoy a swim at the beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. In the Northeast, the Kimata, Agios Nikolaos beach, Talliro, Vangelidi Beach. In the Southeast, Great Agali, Azolimnos, Santorini, Vari, Fabrika, Katergaki, Ahladi. In the Southwest, Megas Gialos, Abela, Komito, Agathopes, Posidonia (Delagratsia), Phoenix, Sousouni, Kokkina, Armeos, Galissas. In the Northwest, Lotos, Kini, Delfini.
Taste the Cycladic Mediterranean flavors and products and do not leave the island without tasting the most famous product produced on the island the Syros delight.
You can reach the island: By plane.: Daily flight to Athens (duration 35 minutes). The airport is located 2 km from Ermoupolis, belongs to the Municipality of Ermoupolis and operating since 1991. Ferry: Syros is connected by ferry with Piraeus and other islands of Cyclades.