Center of arts, knowledge and philosophy, home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum, the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy.
You can walk easily in Athens and through archaeological sites and historic sites, to take a journey through time.
If you have read a little the history of Athens, catches a chill, walking on the Acropolis of Athens that has been designated as the first European Cultural Heritage Site temple dedicated to the worship of the goddess Athena from which it takes its name, Athens. Walk in the footsteps of thousands of ancestors. If you also think that is probably the only capital city where you can live everything, to do this trip in time and, after a few kilometers, to make a splash in the sea, you will love it.
The historic center is full of sights, museums and archaeological sites. Even in the subway stations you will meet archaeological exhibits as small museums.
Athens has some of the most important museums in the world, like the museum of Acropolis (4,000 objects) in an environment bathed in natural light, the National Archaeological Museum, The Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos, The Byzantine and Christian Museum, The Jewish Museum Greece, The Greek Children’s Museum.
Walking in Athens is like walking in its own history.
Crossing archaeological sites, strolling the streets of Plaka, Monastiraki and Thissio you can simultaneously go shopping, drink your coffee in one of the many cafés you will encounter, if you get hungry the variety in restaurants and taverns will delight you. You just select and enjoy.
In central Athens Syntagma Square – dominated by the old Royal Palace, is the business district of Athens, complete, with major hotels, banks, restaurants and airline offices
In Athens you can have incredible nights of entertainment for all tastes. Areas such Metaxourgeion, a bohemian enclave and a haven of art, Psirri, a former industrial area full of trendy and alternative restaurants, cafes, small luxury hotels bars and shops.
Theatres, Club, pubs and everything you put in your head will find it easily near you.
Athens aims to offer the best options to make your days and nights more interesting and let you take home the best memories.